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First Responders Flag


 The Cinto G Company 

PO Box 617
West Pittsburg, PA 16160

The Cinto G Story

Lillian Germaine

Lilian Germaine, Founder

The Cinto G Company is a non-profit organization based in West Pittsburg, PA. The company was founded in 2015 by Lilian Germain. It was named in honor of her two children, Cindy and Tony Germain, and her husband, Edger,  who are no longer with us.

Lilian had the idea after searching for a flag to display that would honor and show respect to the men and women first responders who give of themselves daily to protect and serve others while sacrificing their own lives. This lack of representation was one of the driving forces that started this two and a half year process.

After all these years working with attorneys, graphic designers, and manufacturing companies, Lilian and her team of volunteers created this company with the purpose to honor and support the men and women, the unsung heroes, the first responders.

All profits from sales of the flags will be allocated to a fund to assist first responders.

Please fly this flag with pride to honor our heroes, our first responders. May God bless and protect them and their loved ones.